• hey there,

    i´m having an issue controling isadora with my ipad. in the prefs the port is set to 8000, comp id to 1\. i´m working on the same network, tried wlan as well as a comp to comp connection. if i open stream setup (osc selected) and enable auto detect, there is nothing happening. 
    the weird thing is that it already had worked properly - until i performed on a gig and tried to use the comp to comp connection for the first time instead of wlan.
    anybody an idea?
    am working on osx 10.8.2, isadora 1.3.0f25
  • Izzy Guru

    Isadora default port is 1234

    And what are you using on your iPad? TouchOSC?

  • just tried it out, set the port in the isadora prefs to 1234 as well as on my ipad (outgoing) port. no change...

    yes, am working with touch osc
  • Izzy Guru

    I did have some problems but then touchOSC brought out and update because OS 10.8.2 had changes in wifi/adhoc.

    I really dont know what to suggest. Make sure you have the latest TouchOSC (which you probably do i'm sure).
  • Izzy Guru

    Just quickly tested on my machine at its fine. Going through works WIFI too.

    I am using latest TouchOSC and Mac OS 10.8.2 both ports on 1234; all I did was type my IP address into touch OSC and it came up straight away in auto detect in stream set up.

  • yes, i do have the latest updates...

    i typed the ip adress of my comp into the host field of touch osc, right?
  • Izzy Guru

    Yup the IP address of your compter into the Host field on Touch OSC.

  • what a shame... no communication... thanx so far!!

    even the deactivation of the firewall didn´t help.
    if any other idea is coming up to you, let me know... 
  • Izzy Guru

    I can only assume its something to do with your wifi network. It might be super secure or something? Blocked ports or something. My last place of work was a bit hit and miss because it was a secure and heavily passworded due to it being a university.

  • but then it should work within the comp to comp network, shouldn´t it?

    that´s not working either.

  • Make sure you have the same IP range on both machines. Normal networking may still work if they are different but for touch OSC, Lanbox, etc you need to to keep it in the IP family.
    On both your computer and your iPad you can set up DHCP with manual address. I suggest making a "location" for shows where they are set to
    XX being whatever two digits you like, different for each machine.
    Good luck!

  • STRIKE!!!!! you made my day... thank you!!

  • Izzy Guru

    Glad it's working. Fubbi to the rescue!

  • :)