Best settings for encodig videos in Media Encoder for Isadora

  • Hi, 

    I am new to Isadora and began to work with the software. 

    So, I read the documentation carefully and saw the the best codec for me on a Win10 PC ist tha AVI/HAP.
    I have hundreds of video files (made with the DLSM Panasonic GH4), edited in Adobe Premiere and encoded to AVI/HAP with Adobe Media Encoder.

    So could anybody give me a hint, if these settings will bring best (stable and image quality for my HD videos) in Isadora. (Using a Win10, i7, 16GB RAM, GTX1070,SSD setup)

    Format: AVI
    Video-Codec: Hap Q
    width: 1920px
    height: 1080px
    Framerate: 23,976
    Field order: Progressive
    Pixel aspect ratio: Square Pixels

    thanks for feedback!


  • Tech Staff


    These settings look good.

    When are you planning to show your work?

  • Hi,

    thanks for this feedback.
    Well I expect that I present the work in 2018.
    And before the presentation I will post a few cuts on vimeo and let you know.