Enhanced AppleScript Support

  • I would love to see increased support for AppleScript control of Isadora. In particular, I would love it if it were possible to address control panel items via their name and/or number via AppleScript. It would also be great if were possible to tell Isadora to jump to a particular scene using AppleScript.

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    some cross platform scripting that would allow access to system pref/settings would be a preferred option for me.

  • I don't know that the two are mutually exclusive. For Mac users, AppleScript offers a degree of easy control integration with other programs that wouldn't necessarily be possible with other scripting options but more features are always better so both would obviously be great. What cross platform scripting language would you like to see integrated, Ryan?

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    My top pics (in order)
    -processing (obviously very strong in Izzy related features)
    -python (clean syntax, access to many system features) or even ruby??
    -javascript (common, would allow easy internal logic for izzy)

    this is a tough call really. As a windows developer, I just don't want to see a lot of dev time go into something I do not benefit from (feeling rather needy at the moment ;)

  • Hey Mathew, sounds like you have some particular stuff in mind. Out of curiosity what are you trying to make talk to or control Izzy?


  • I have several support applications that I have written that I use to manage files and control on projects with complex multi-playback-computer systems. I will often have several headless computers running a custom patch that are all managed from a centralized programming interface and I am currently using a mix of OSC, MIDI, and AppleScript to facilitate the full degree of control and inter-computer-communication that I need but there are some things that I could do much more elegantly if Isadora had more comprehensive AppleScript support.

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    Matthew.. sounds like you get into some fun stuff :)

  • I came across some issues like this before. I dot know all of the situations you want to use but I wanted to have a full remote mode when using slave computers- a way to edit the patch from a master computer (without having to VNC)- something Isadora native- an interface switch. I imagined being able to have a machine that is aware of the other Izzy machines on the network and you can choose which one you are editing/controlling completely. VVVV actually has a pretty amazing feature for this called boy-grouping. I would love to see something like this rather than just applescript. Something like a master mode in Izzy where you can even see all the interfaces of your slave machines. The VVVV also has some kind of editing propagation that allows you kind of treat all you slave machines together in one big master patch. In the case of Izzy this would be great, if you could edit a user actor and when you hit update all it would update all the user actors on all the machines that are running. I think a proprietary cross platform solution would be better than just script and it could also be a lot smarter.

    I dont know if this suggestion would solve your problems- i am curious to know how far it would help you/ what problems you have come up against. I have a sneaking suspicion it could be a much easier job to expose more actions to apple script than create a whole new system.

  • What you're describing would cover most, though not quite all, of my needs but I also tend to think that working AppleScript in a bit more probably wouldn't be that hard whereas adding all that functionality would be a big project.

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    The boy grouping sounds similar to what green hippo use also. I think the name for it is zookeeper or something but if another hippo machine is on the same network you can view the screen and use it remotely. Basically just a VNC platform.


  • @Mathew, yes apple script for sure would be easier to implement. 

    Boygrouping is much more than VNC, it is very intelligent and gives excellent management over your slave machines without really having to see the screens

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