• Dear All,

    A colleague is looking to hire someone who can do both Isadora/video stuff and Arduino programming in Berlin. If you fit this description, please post here. My colleague is following this post, so post here if you'd like to be contacted about this job.
    Best Wishes,

  • Does the person have to be local- how long is the project what is involved- I am in Amsterdam and often work in Berlin- pretty handy with the tools.


  • Hey,

    It would be great to hear some more details about the project. I'm based in London, though I'm often country hopping for work. I have an Arduino talking to Isadora already. you can mail me at lanz [atta] lanzpictures [dotta] com
    all the best,

  • Hi Fred and Lanz, sorry about late return, I have been traveling in Brazil and had little opportunity to go online.

    It would be better if you were in Berlin for the time of work, as I'd set up the project in my studio and work on it there. I actually don't know how long it will take to program and set up the work but I can describe the "goal" pretty well if you give me your email Fred, I have Lanz's email. It is about 3 works with rotating motors mounted onto a wall, with sticks that rotate and with balls falling down on them. If possible I'd like to have this self-generative, otherwise a program circle that repeats itself. The last time I worked on something like this was with my programmer in Iceland (who cannot make it to Berlin) and we did it in Unity 3D connecting with arduino. But I guess the program can be any program that reaches the "goal". I need to have 3 works ready by beginning of March, all different works but based on the same principle: 5 Sticks on a wall, that rotate and video balls fall onto them and bounce off. It will include sound as well and we might have someone working on that already who would have to do that in coordination with you.


    Egill Sæbjörnsson

    egill.studio [atta] gmail [dotta] com

  • you can get me at fred(at)pipslab(dot)nl you can see some of my work here fredrodrigues.net

  • Hey guys if anyone is in Brussels this saturday these art pieces will be exhibited at Hopstreet Gallery,

    from 1200 till 1900.
    best, Lanz