Squashed image when moving projector position

  • How can i avoid my video image becoming squashed rather than cropped when i move it beyond the edge of the stage? This happens When I have a video signal connected into a projector and move the position of the image on the stage using the other projector inputs. Thanks

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    3D projector by any chance?

  • Keep aspect on?

  • The image should not "squash" when you change the position inputs. Does it? I created a simple patch with a Movie Player and Projector actor. The first image uses the default settings (position = 0, 0). The second is set to -50, -50. I would describe that as cropping not squeezing. Am I missing something?

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    ab3dd2-screen-shot-2012-12-24-at-8.00.25-pm.png 45e338-screen-shot-2012-12-24-at-8.00.36-pm.png