Crashing with simple sound player...

  • A simple(st) patch with sound players and note on/off watchers I made to use with a MIDI keyboard crashes every time I trigger the sound files. I use 1.3.0f24 and MacOS 10.8.2. Any ideas?

  • Tech Staff

    What format are the sound files and how long are they?


  • They are all .aiff's and differ between 15sec and 1:30min. I use mostly short parts of them. They are footsteps, dog barks, fog horns, etc.

  • Actually just figured out that it crashes every time the sound files hit the end point. If we stop the file before reaching the end point it survives.

  • Tech Staff

    To get around this for the moment you can just rename the files to .mov and play them in the movie player. Please file a bug report, you can see the link to the form in my signature line.


  • Dear All,

    I have been working with bozzy on this. It is a 10.8/Moutain Lion specific crash. I've fixed the bug.. but will need to test it to be sure.
    Here's the User Actor I supplied to him to allow him to simulate the functionality of the Sound Player actor using Movie Players.
    Best Wishes,


  • Thanks Michel and Mark..! I really appreciate all your help during Holidays..!

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