Group Actors to User Actor

  • Select a bunch of actors with the mouse.

    Right click (or whatever) - select group to user actor.
    Have a shiny new user actor made up of the selected actors with inputs and outputs created automatically.
    Perhaps the opposite if one right clicks on a user actor.

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    Select a bunch of actors with the mouse.


    Create a new User Actor


    Create Inputs and Outputs you need.

    It's done !

    I hardly understand how the computer would automatically know the inputs/outputs you want to see appear on your user actor..

  • based on the connections the group of actors you have selected have to other actors in the patch

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    It works in other enviroments, and would be HUGE help in Isadora.

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    This is some serious thread necromancy, but I was searching "User Actor" to make sure I wasn't about to submit a different feature as a duplicate request, ran across this, and was wondering if this ever got submitted as a feature request. I would LOVE to have it as a feature.

    Best Wishes,


  • I think it would be more useful to create a Macro. This can then be converted to a User Actor if necessary.

  • Tech Staff


    Its recorded as a feature request. 

    Hasn't yet made its way into Isadora though.

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