• hi all

    has anyone used touchscreens with izzy? have looked in the forum without success


  • Beta Tester

    I have both with the control panel and with the stage mouse watcher. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hi Matthew,

    What kind of touchscreens are you using ? Did you tried multitouch on the control pannel ?
    Are you using press buttons or also faders ? How are you felling with the faders ?
    I tried in the past some touch solutions but I was never happy of the "feeling" when manipulating it.
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    I have used mostly Elo models but also a multitouch one made by Dell. I couldn't get multitouch working on the control panel and I would be willing to bet its not possible without mark doing to work under the good to support it. I have used both buttons and faders though primarily buttons. I don't think I would want to use it anywhere that speed and tactility are important like VJing but for certain applications Ive found touch panels to work well.

  • thanks for the infos


  • I have used a variety of touchscreens, for OSX I found a pretty much universal driver for a lot of models that works quite well. I have a few systems that use very cheap 7" touch screens and they work very well. 

    Here are the drivers
    The cheaper screens are good but as Mathew said when your interface is detailed go with something like the ELO or any other brand that is used for point of sale stations- they are made to last and be quite accurate.
    These drivers come with another utility that lets you use the screens even if it is running from a dual or triple head to go.
    I also use the ELO and a few other more professional touch screens. The ELO screens are very good and sturdy- they seems to work under almost any condition (we strap them to broomsticks and wear them like guitars and they work well even when you jump around on stage).
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    I have been using one of these overlays and it works great. http://multi-touch-screen.com/G4S.html

  • thanks for all your input! what i want to do is use a touchscreen with 10 buttons in the control panel with video clips on top of them so when you touch a video it activates the button. the buttons will turn on a simple effect and sound clip in izzy. from what i've heard here this is possible, right?

    thanks, ray

  • Beta Tester

    Yes, ray. That should be pretty straightforward.

  • Has anyone here worked with multitouch screen tables?

    one safe enough for drinks to be places on. 
    has anyone any tips, brands, websites that i could check out / contact? 
    best, Lanz
  • Izzy Guru

    Have a look at PQ Labs... I have worked with the dual touch G4S and it worked ok.

  • Beta Gold

    I used the pqlabs (have one at schoo)l. Super. Isadora recognizes it as a mouse (not as hid though) with no drivers and immediately. But the real thing with pqlabs is the multitouch comes from implementation of TUIO protocol. I'played with it with Mark on my school during the workshop we gave. He said he'd like to implement tuio protocol (basically a strange OSC).... Looking forward to that. Also in order to use Tuio multitouch app in the iphone and ipad.....

  • Hey skulpture and Armando thanks for your replies,

    @armando did you get isadora working with multitouch using TUIO protocol and it was coming in ok? 
    if so what data does it give you? 
    best, Lanz