Straight lines appear wavy in 3D Quad distort

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently workshopping a show, using the 3D quad distort actor to "bend" the projected image to fit the angled projection surface.  The problem that is occurring is that lines that were originally straight appear bent and wavy, as seen in the attached image. Has anyone experienced this before?


  • Well, this would be a result of the fact that the 3D Quad Distort divides the image into 40 smaller rectangles (horiz. and vert.) and then renders them. I never noticed this before, but probably it's because your image is a "worst case scenario." The only workaround I can offer at this point is to use the 3D Projector and to rotate the image (x/y/z) until you get what you want. That way you will not encounter this problem. I'll investigate a fix for this in the meantime.

    Best Wishes,