• Hello

    I was exploring some Freeframe actors yesterday and I found this actor Static,
    Somebody could told me more about it ? I search on manual but there is no such actor, and no help available
    I like the kind of smashed granular noise it does on a video (quite radicaly) but I would like to know more about it

    thank you


  • Tech Staff

    Can you give us a link to the actors website?
    I have a freeframe actor called static, but there is not much settings you can do. Grey Scale ON or OFF, Two Tone ON or OFF and the bypass.
    So I wouldn't know what to say more about that.


  • No, like you I found this actor is in the Freeframe exra plugins, so I don't have any informations
    this actor will keep his mystery ;-)

  • Tech Staff

    In this case static would mean something like atmospheric disturbances, or so.

  • funny, cause my intention has been to include the resulting texture in movement (with auto fade)
    in a round blurry shape, so it looks like a imaginary planet with imaginary weather disturbances ;-)