Built in webcam not recognosing

  • hi all !!not sure its a bug but since few weeks when i turn on live capture cant find my webcam (i have macbook pro ) i open other app. and the camera works perfect.

    Has anyone experience the same?
    thank you all

  • could it be than an external webcam that i recently bought (genius facecam 1000) is interfering with the face time hd built in?


  • I always have problems with my isight camera. It shows up somedays and then not others. Sometimes a full system restart helps.

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    Hi maxiwille

    I have the same problem, I can't use my built in iSight. I think it is since I have updated to Mac OS 10.8. But sometimes suddenly it does work. Can you confirm this, are you using Mountain Lion? Anybody not using Mountain Lion having this Problem?


  • I sometimes had this issue when playing around with Quartz. I think some of the plug-ins use the iSight and somehow hijack it? 

    So if you have installed any Quartz plug-ins then remove them and try again. Just an idea...

  • similar problem here with USB Sony Playstation camera PS3 not showing up. It works with Skype but not Izzy. I'm running osx 10.7.5

  • In fact I have this problem right now.... since I installed Cam twist....

  • Hi All !!   Skulpture: yes i recently install a new plug in for QC. (rutt etra )

                Michel: im usin Lion  (not mountain)
    thank you all

  • Try removing the rutt etra .qtz files (put them on desktop or something) and trying again.

  • hi ! i share with all of you this qc composition ready to use in ISADORA. only need to improve the resolution to fit full screen into isadora ( can you help me?)

    big hug maxi

    6d6f46-rutt-etra.izz bea33d-test_rutt_2.qtz.zip

  • @maxiwille

    The quick and dirty is to zoom(138%) in CI Projector.

  • yes thats a solution, but i was thinking some actor who can "resizable" the screen ...

  • Tech Staff


    Throwing out the "v002 Film Effects" and the "v002 Optical Flow" plugin solves the problem, the camera gets recognized everytime now. Rutt Etra can stay on my computer, it doesn't cause any problems.


  • I think it has something to do with the quartz patch having Video Input/Capture initialized so as soon as Isadora opens it thinks the default iSight is already being used.

  • Michel,

    Hmmm... I just installed "v002 Film Effects" in 10.6.8 and the camera was still recognized. But for sure if there's a Quartz plugin that takes over the web cam, then Isadora wouldn't be able to get access to it any longer. I'd like to get to the bottom of this once and for all. 
    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    Well I can't remember having this issue before 10.8... Could you try it there?


  • So do we have any idea of how to fix this problem with built in cam because I am struggling still?

  • Dear @Ilirvg, I will put up a pre-release that solves this problem before the end of the week. Best Wishes, Mark

  • @Ilirvg
    I noticed you are quite new on the forum, so incase you need the links, you can download the new stable relase here or the new beta release here

  • I don't mean to cross thread post (but this thread is more active then one I replied to).. perhaps this person had the same issue I just ran into with the built-in cam not being found due to new retina MBP and/or os x version.. We were also using the latest stable version 1.31f06 - but wasn't being recognized... found 'Syphon-Camera' to do the trick. Quick setup instructions are here: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/comment/9921#Comment_9921

    Hope that helps!

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