• Does anybody know how to invert OSC data from an OSC listener? I'm trying to invert the numbers between the OSC listener and 3D player, and the usual tried and trusted method of changing values around in the Inspector Windows is, on this occasion, not working for me.

    Is there another way to invert?

  • Hi,

    Did you tried with a calculator ?
    Would you give an example of the value you have and the value you want ?

  • Dear Graeme,

    You can use the Limit-Scale Value actor if you like. But to get scaling to work, you must ensure that 
    1) For the output port, the Limit Min value must not be MIN and and Limit Max value must not be MAX
    2) For the input port, the Scale Min value must not be MIN and and Scale Max value must not be MAX
    The OSC Listener output would normally default to MIN and MAX.
    Best Wishes,