Reveal @ Lux, Helsinki

  • Tech Staff

    Hi All,

    I recently got back from Helsinki after doing a pretty big interactive projection project using Isadora.
    The piece was called Reveal and I worked with good friend and a quiet isadora forum user called [Dan Shorten from Anmoic Theatre]( and Lecturer at Guild Hall uni, London.
    I am happy to share as much as I can with you all. 
    There is a lot to write about so I have broken it into parts. here is part one...

  • Looking forward to having a read of this on the train tomorrow!

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks! Prob a few typos in there. ;)

  • Nice Graham and Dan! Bet it was cold as hell though. ;-)

  • Tech Staff

    It was so cold it hurt! Isadora was flawless btw!

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