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    I would like to get some information or share some patches with how to deal with 3D objects or scenic renders inside Isadora. I have a devised theatre piece that will call for Maya or 3DSMax models to be the backdrop, then we want to add flash on top of the models, particle systems and then finally video ontop of that layer. Are there any existing examples of using a .3DS file or a grouped .obj in WINDOWS floating around? 
    Thanks in Advance for any help

  • Currently i am not able to replace the Cube.3ds with anything exported from 3dsMAx and use video as a texture. All the files i am making are showing up as grey in the example patch. Is there some trick for getting a usable 3dmodel that will take a video texture in Izzy? 624851-thing.zip

  • The object you uploaded here does not have a texture map attached to it. You must attach a texture map that is associated with an image file (jpeg, etc.) before Isadora will allow you to map video on to it.

    Take a look at the modified thing.3ds file and the example patch attached.
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