Most efficient choice to rotate 90 degrees

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering - when sending video to projectors hung in portrait orientation on stage, what is the most efficient method to rotate a video stream exactly 90 degrees?  Just wondering if there is a particular option that will do this in a more optimized way for 90 degrees than for arbitrary angles.
     (I do realize I could render the initial video rotated and require no additional processing, but the projectors will actually be part of a multi-projector image and in fact I will be rotating portions of a larger video that spans various outputs).
    On a secondary note, there isn't any built-in way to get the stage preview windows to render rotated for pre-vis convenience, is there?

  • Projector actor has Spin control. Or use 3D Actors for more controls.

    However for multi projector setup rotating could be a nightmare. I would produce the master movie rotated and divide it up. Then you just play every segment to separate projector that are placed so it completes the whole movie.
    But you should think twice if you really need to span over many outputs.