How do I suppress the warning pop-up on live capture input error so that recovery can be automated?

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    I am attempting to resolve a patch that is required to operate for several hours a day unattended. 

    The system is running on a MacBookPro 2011, OSX Sierra, Isadora 2.5.2. I am moving the patch to run with a Logitech C930e, due to the install, the camera is at the end of a 10mtr USB cable extension. While testing (on a different MacBookPro) I have experienced live capture failure, this happened while the system was left unattended the cause is not clear. It may be cable related or an internal issue? Whatever the cause, I will need to include a recovery procedure for the live feed into Isadora.

    I would be able to resolve the unexpected loss of camera feed using the 'Capture Control' actor to reactivate it, however, The warning pop-up requires a click through so the recovery can not be fully automated - it seems. I have looked in the 'Warnings' options of the Isadora Preferences and have "When video input start fails" unchecked, however this does not suppress the "Isadora-Live Capture Error" pop-up.

    Are there any other options to suppress the pop-up?



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    Kind of a brute-force method, but what about an autoclicker with the mouse set in the position to close the pop-up?

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    @Woland said:

    a brute-force method

     Thanks, I wonder if that is the only way?



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    @bonemap said:

    It may be cable related

    I  have traced the intermittent live capture failure to a cable issue. However, I think it would be a helpful feature to add the suppression of the Live Capture Error pop-up as an option in the Warnings check boxes in Isadora Preferences, so that a recovery routine can be automated in a patch during unattended installations.

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