• When changing the input movie number in a Sound Movie Player, the speed/input values are not able to affect the movie playback while movie is playing back until next change in movie input number.

  • Izzy Guru

    same here on my mac with 1.3f25.
    But the not published 1.3f27 I have for testing, this isn't a problem anymore.
    You can either use 1.3f24 where the bug doesn't appear or use the attached patch I made with a work around, with one small disadvantage, while changing the speed the screen turns black.


  • Thank You MIchel

    However I need to do subtle speed adjustments on the fly, since I'm synchronizing movies with a symphony orchestra. The regular movie player doesn't exhibit this problem, and this is of course used in the majority of cases. But once in a while I need more audio channels when using a count-in click for the conductor AND a stereo FX track. This is where the sound movie player is needed. But I think I'm just waiting for a new release...
    Just curious: When will the 1.3.f27 be released?

  • I'm giving out a final version of 1.3.0f27 to the beta testers to examine this week. So hopefully I can share it with everyone the week after.

    Best Wishes,