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    I'm using 1.3.24 on a mac pro. I'm getting an intermittent video problem that I'm not sure whether it is caused by isadora (or perhaps the graphics cards? 2x NVIDIA GEForce GT 120 installed) as it is effecting the desktop as well but it always starts while isadora is in use. The video output from isadora flickers and freezes...sometimes it gets scrambled (see pic attached showing distortion to a movie that would normally fill the screen) it happens with both movies and still images. When I close isadora sometimes the image it was outputting still remains on the display and my desktop windows start to 'melt' (see pic attached). After a restart the issue is temporarily fixed. Has anyone experienced this type of problem before?


    a1d978-eeeek.jpg 475b7c-eeeek2.jpg

  • Tech Staff

    Seems like a video card issue to me.. I would look to update my driver.

  • Izzy Guru

    Wow that's crazy... I am pretty sure that this is a graphics card issue.

  • I found a Nvidia driver update and so far today it has been ok. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • If Isadora could make that happen I would be very impressed. ;-) Seriously though, I too am sure it's a hardware issue.

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