Moving images around within a complex projection mapped area.

  • Hey everybody,

    It seems like there are a few posts addressing what I'm asking about, but they're all a couple years old so I thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions.

    Essentially, we'd like to send the "output" of one projector into the input of another projector. (I know there aren't literally outputs from projectors, but that's the basic idea.)

    This is so that we can set up relatively complex projection mapping, and then move images around within that mapping without adjusting the mapping itself.

    Stage Setup accomplishes what I'm talking about, to a degree, but we're working with a more complex mapping than Stage Setup seems to allow.

    The way we've been working around this is to send Isadora's stages to MadMapper using syphon, which is a decent solution, but somewhat cumbersome, and we'd like to keep the project within Isadora.

    If anyone has any suggestions about how to implement this, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

    (Alternatively, if anyone has an alternative suggestion for how to move/scale/rotate/etc images within one projector's mapping, that would be great too!)

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    What about sending Isadora's stages to itself via Syphon using the Syphon Stage Output and the Syphon Receiver actors?

  • Hi,

    Another option 

    For your complex mapping are you using Issy Map?

    The internal actors that have been used for this stage to stage pipe are the ‘Virtual Stage’ and this can be matched with ‘3D Quad Distort’, both allow independent movement and/or FOV control of ‘stage’ content. The 3D Quad Distort is not linked by a wire, but assigned to the Virtual Stage using the Renderer parameter inputs. The Virtual Stage is then linked to the output projector where your mapping occurs.



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    I would also try it in Izzy Map. Maybe this can help: 

    Have a look at the Zoomer Actor for moving the picture inside the mapper 

  • hey everybody,

    I haven’t had achance to try these suggestions but they’re all promising, thanks! I’ll report back and let you know what we ended up doing.

    - d.

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    Of course I would recommend Izzy Map over Syphon solutions too, depending on your usage case.

  • Hey,

    Just a quick update, @Russell 's suggestion was exactly what I needed. To clarify, we had been using IzzyMap and basically needed some way to move videos around within an established mapping. The Virtual Stage and multiple 3D Quad Distort actors (rendering to the same channel) works perfectly so far.

  • @danieljackson

    Good to hear that we were able to get you a working solution. 

    best wishes for your production.