Best method to send automated output to a printer from Isadora on a Mac

  • Has anyone successfully automated printing from Isadora (on a Mac)? Our project requires text that is generated within Isadora to print to a receipt printer when it is generated (when triggered).

    Any leads for us? Thank you!

  • Tech Staff

    I think the easiest is probably to send messages via OSC to a script ( I would use python but processing would likely also work).

    If the messages are longer than a osc message can be, then send it via tcp actors. (Requires setting up a server in the script... very easy in python with Flask or other libs)

  • as far as i remember @gunter was involved in a project like this ! 

  • I would go with apple script and automator, and maybe osculator if needed, it will be pretty flexible and fast to setup, as well as having a lot of great info on forums.