Tiff file format byte order Re: efficiency?

  • Hi Folks

    Am on a show with a lot of images with text that has to be readable from old newspapers and am experimenting with file formats and efficiency. I am wondering about tiff format choices with regard to efficiency, incase anyone has an interest in this and has some tips for me? 
    Specifically, does it affect efficiency if opt for Pixel Order that is 'Interleaved' (RGBRGB) rather than 'Per Channel' (RRGGBB). 
    Any advice? 

  • Dear Jamie,

    Frankly I've never tested this, so I'm afraid the way to find out is to make some really big images (4096 x 4096) and see how long it takes to preload them. (I.e., time from the moment you activate a scene until it actually shows you the image.)
    Best Wishes,

  • thanks Mark. I'll post my results once I am through!