CI Perspective Transform - advice please!

  • Hello

    Can anyone explain the CI Perspective Transform actor to me? I expect it to work the same way as Stretch, but it doesn't. Shifting one corner along an axis seems to pull all the corners around, and with minor adjustments I'm seeing the video flip and mirror and get pulled right off of the stage. I'm fumbling around and would rather ask for help. All I'm trying to do is to "correct" a video that is being played through a data projector that's set to the side of the screen, and getting obviously skewed.
    Thanks all

  • No, not really. I know what perspective is.

    I've just been fiddling with it more in a new project, and I think I have the hang of it now. It's not behaving so unpredictably now.

  • I made a test patch to visually experiment with this actor.

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