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    You can make the images bigger but not the thumbnail.

    I think this will come in time as it has been mentioned a few times.

  • The maximum size of the thumbnails is 64 x 48 pixels. The reasoning behind this is to save time when opening your patch: the thumbnails are saved with the patch. If you ask Isadora to generate all the thumbnails when you open the patch, it can take a long, long time if you have a lot of media because it must open each media file and generate the thumbnail. It's very problematic for VJs for instance, who have hundreds and hundreds 's of clips sometimes.

    Now, the thumbnails are stored in an uncompressed format. So 64 x 48 x 4 = about 6K per item. E.g., 500 clips = 3 megabytes. That seemed like a reasonable trade off to me -- speed of loading vs. the size of the Isadora document.
    Increasing the size of the thumbnails is something I can do. But it will mean increasing the size of the file significantly. For instance, a 256 x 192 image is 49K. 500 clips = 24 megabytes. I guess that's not too much in today's terms. Let me think about a good way to accomplish this and I'll see what I can do.
    Best Wishes,
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    Maybe an option in the preferences?

    Thumbnail size:
    Small - 64 x 48
    Medium - 192 x 144
    Large - 320 x 240
    Just a thought?

  • That works for me.

  • Hi Mark,

    I was just revisiting this question because you had said you were going to think about it.
    Is increasing the thumbnail resolution still an option? I desperately would love to increase them.
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    I also think this a valid feature request. Could be handy for installations and touch screens?

  • Thant's how we use it, on a touch screen.

  • Being about to see the pictures or words in higher resolution would create a more impressive user interface look.

    Thanks again.

  • Able not about.

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    Has this been officially entered as a feature request?