Macbook playback of Izzy file made on PC

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    I have a small project that I am working on. The project will be part of a bands stage show, and will be required to playback a base .WAV for each track.
    I don't have a mac, so I want to know what my audio playback options moving a file from a windows machine to a mac PLAY ONLY setup.
    Now I imagine that I can only run the non-core version since I am developing on windows.
    What will be my most professional audio setup I can manage with this? Do I just setup quicktime to use thier external audio interface?

    I have little mac experience with OSX, so I appreciate any help you mac guru's can share.

  • In my experience moving izzy files between Mac and PC has been relatively painless.  Especially if you are not doing anything too crazy.  .WAV files will run fine on PC and Mac.

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    @CraigAlfredson Thanks. I am glad to hear it.
    To sync to the sound I am starting a timer with the preloaded audio, and setting up cues based on the timer reading. See any issues with this?
    Are there any setup limitations to the demo/unregistered Isadora that will cause audio setup troubles? I don't want to have to resetup the audio drivers every-time the patch is launched or anything like that.

  • Again, I haven't had any issues, but if you are using a piece of non-standard audio gear then who knows.

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    I have done it a few times. 

    it will be the media that will likely cause you the most problems. Just make sure all your media is converted to .mov MJPEG at 70+% and you should be ok.
    Any problems drop me and email @DusX you know where I am :-)
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    No video to deal with on this project.. purely sound and light.
    Thanks for the feedback.