Problems with de-authentification and Troikatronix web support interface

  • Please help! I've gotten no response so far from Troika and am desperate.

    I started Isadora yesterday and was shocked to find a message saying that my machine ID had changed and that Issy would revert to demo mode. I haven't made a single system change. Has anyone had this happen to them? I tried to re-authenticate but between installing the new pre-release version and having upgraded my windows install a few times while fighitng viruses earlier in the year I'm out of seats.

    I go to the web interface to ask for more seats (I haven't used 3 since my last "anniversary" I don't think, just more than 3 total since my purchase in 2010) and fill out the form at with my correct info. However when I hit "submit" a new window opens and I see a blank page. I don't believe it is sending!!!!

    I emailed traikatronix and got an automated support response with ticket number, so am waiting for help. In the meantime, has anyone else had these problems? I'm in the middle of production  - To have my license suddenly REVOKED when I've done absolutely nothing wrong besides upgrade my computer TO BETTER SUPPORT ISADORA is problematic to the max. Is there a way that I can work again? Is there a waty to get Troikatronix to accellerate their response? I am super scared and need help and can't afford to just buy a second license to get back to work.

  • Izzy Guru

  • Thanks for the suggestion - I've messaged him directly now too.

    Can anyone else confirm that the "support" forms aren't sending? I can't send to them from any browser on either my windows or mac machines.

    Knowing whether or not the white page with no reciept confirmation is normal or not would help me out.

  • Mark is AMAZING and contacted me directly to help resolve. Thanks community and Mark!

  • The support forms are working. It was Mark who wasn't working. ;-)

    -- M
  • Izzy Guru


    Even though the support form seems to work, for the poster it's a bit ambiguous if the landing page is blank. You are always unsure and ask yourself, did it send it or not? For the bug report the landing page has text and you know everything is fine for the feature request the landing page is blank. It would be great if every form landing page says something so we know everything is fine.

    Thanks in advance


  • OK -- I see the problem. It's fixed now. The landing page now shows the information.

    Best Wishes,


  • Izzy Guru

    Thank you Mark.