Movie Player to Stop/Start on Enter Scene

  • I've had this problem last time I programmed a show. Clearly, I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

    Problem: Movie plays when enter a scene even though I have an enter scene value actor set to 0 connected to movie player speed. So when I enter scene the movie should not be playing, because the speed is 0. Well sometimes when I enter a scene it automatically plays (even though you can see the speed is at 0) and other times when entering a scene it doesn't play. I have a trigger value set to 1 to change the speed connected to a button to change (play the movie) speed. What am I doing wrong?

    Is there a better way to achieve this?


  • Tech Staff

    Is it possible that you have an INIT set for the speed value? I don't see any issues otherwise.

  • DusX -

    You are brilliant! Thanks. Virtual beer to you!