How do I set text alignment using text/ure?

  • Is there a way to set the alignment for text/ure? You can do it in Text Draw, but I need the 'line' function to switch between lines of different text.

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    Hmmm best way would be to use the Zoomer  actor I think... could be a feature request that one!

  • Unfortunately that's not an option in Textu/re. But look at the attached patch to see how to use the "Text" actor in combination with the "Text Chopper" actor to select lines of text, and then to use the Text Draw actor to render them.

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  • You are a golden prince. Exactly what I needed.

    If you were curious, I have music videos synced to their respective songs in ableton, triggered by a midi clip # that corresponds with the file in the media bin. Now I have a list of song names so I can have an MTV style lower third with the song title.

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    Sounds interesting @alexkillingtime

    Please post some screenshots or a quick tutorial of this in action :-)

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