• Hi,

    From After effects I know this "Wiggle" - kinf of a jitter text effect. So, that a word moves quickly a bit in all directions. - So it appears not as static, as normal text. Here is an example: https://www.rocketstock.com/bl...

    I did try do do this in Isadora too. I used the text actor "Text/ure" with a few words. - Next I used the "Wave Generator" and triggered the horz pos and vert pos of the "Text/ure" actor.

    But movements will be too big even with dividers.

    Did anybody did already such a wiggler effect in isadora?



  • Hi Inst!

    Have a look at this patch.

    Use the controllers to affect the wiggle intensity, frequency and motion blur.

    I scaled the fader values as well as the wave generator 'freq' value.

    Hope this helps!

    Wiggle text effect.izz


  • Tech Staff

    Thanks @keve

    I have enabled to upload .izz files and uploaded your file to your post. In future if an upload does not work because of a wrong ending, just .zip the files, that should always work.

    Best Michel

  • Hi Kevin,

    great thanks a lot for your example!! The "Limit-Scale Value" did it.

    I also used the CPU to GPU converter after texture and I added the brightness actor to get a bit of flicker, like in the old b/w movies.