Free Theoretical Design for Low-Budget, Simple, 24/7 Live Stream

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    Hello all,

    A bit off topic, but I created this for a friend of my father's about a year ago and it never ended up being used, so I decided to polish it a bit and share it with the Isadora community.

    In 2016, my father asked me to help out a friend of his, Bob Slayer, who runs a small Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue.  At my father's request, and for free, I created a low-budget tech solution for Bob's upcoming show, Iraq Out and Loud, wherein “1,444 people [took turns] read[ing] the entire Chilcot Report [aloud] in a garden shed next to a double-decker bus. Non-stop. 284 hours 45 mins. Making it the longest continuous Fringe show ever performed.” (Broadway Baby review:

    Link about the performance:

    Bob wanted to live stream the entire time, and also wanted to record all of the media. So from across the world, I set about designing a low-budget and easy-to use system for live streaming and saving all of the media that was low-maintenance and simple enough that someone with little-to-no prior tech experience could set it up and use it (because I was in Boston, MA, USA and Bob was in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK).

    Bob didn’t end up using my solution, and opted not to live stream the entire event because he had a lot on his plate, but I’ve refined the documentation I sent him, added some more explanation, and created this write up, in case this system could benefit anyone else.

    >>>Link to the write-up I created<<<

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)