Problems changing picture in picture player

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    Hi All,
    I'm having troubles making something I would have thought simple to do : Simulating a slideprojector : Putting a bunch of pictures in the pictures bin, and having the ability to go next or previous with the "old crawling image" slideprojector effect (I'll add a projector sound sample later).

    I first used one single CI Picture player and one CI Projector. Image crawling is done with "hor pos" of Projector. When the Image gets to -100 horizontal position (it means out of sight) I change the number of the picture in CI Picture player and bring back horizontal position to 0 (this shows the new image).
    But when I change the number of the picture in the player, I see my enveloppe generator (controlling  hor pos) hanging a little bit. I think CI picture player doesn't change pic fast enough.
    I converted my JPGs to BMP, it helped, but not enough.

    So I tried to double the system : 2 Players, 2 projectors. 1 player reading even pictures the other player playing odd ones. When one player's image goes off the screen the other player's image takes place (crawling). But stutters occurs when changing a picture in a player while the other's in movement.
    I wish I had smooth movements...

    I also tried all this with regular picture player and projector.
    It seems that picture preload doesn't work anymore (or I haven't noticed any change)
    Do you think of a better way doing this ?
    I hope (once more) that I am clear in my explanations. (patch included)
    Thanks for all you advices..


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    Funny I just finished a Slideshow player for my SYST3M. I only implemented crossfades so far, but have an architecture to support 'transitions' I think.
    I would try to lend a hand, however I am on a PC and won't be able to look at your CI actors.
    With the preload actor, are you allowing it some time to preload, before you start the slideshow.

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