• Dear colleagues and friends!

    From the Isadora Latin Network we want to tell you that the first three tutorial videos about Isadora software in Spanish are available. http://www.redisadoralatina.com/index.php/tutoriales/

    This series of tutorial videos aims to bring you closer to the world of Isadora software. For the first tutorial we thought it best to start by showing you some of the many possibilities that this program offers us regarding the creation of visuals in real time. This video was made entirely with Isadora, without cuts or editing process.

    Tutorials 2 and 3 address the basic configurations, the graphical interface and the actors

    It is also available to download the first introductory patch on the basic functions of the software here. http://www.redisadoralatina.com/index.php/descargas/

    We would like to know your areas of interest to keep in mind in future video tutorials and patches. Hope you like it !!

    We want to thank Mark Coniglio, creator of the software Isadora, for his constant support to the Red Isadora Latina. Also the dancer and choreographer Maida Withers for her help, and Dawn Marie Stoppiello for her interest and collaboration in this project.

     Best regaras,


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    That is really cool. I don´t really speak Spanish, but it sounds great 😆

  • Thanks @crystalhorizon !! you could learn, it´s not so difficult 😜



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    @ril i always wanted to: No I have the final reason to do it 👏👏👏 

  • @crystalhorizon I take this opportunity to tell you that here in Buenos Aires we have been making meetings every fifteen days, throughout 2017, as a production technology laboratory for the scene. Something similar to your meeting in Vienna but with greater continuity. The participants are all the students of the workshops of Isadora that we made during this year and want to continue developing artistic projects under our guide. On December 2, the works will be shown as a closing of the Laboratory.