Feedback on website template for starting Isadora Stammtisch Series in other cities

  • Tech Staff

    Hello all,

    I just spent quite a bit of time on my website creating a section dedicated to Isadora Stammtisch NYC, and was wondering if you fine folks could spare a moment to take a look and give me feedback. I'd love to hear people's thoughts and suggestions for improvements. If this were just only for my own website I wouldn't bother y'all asking for opinions, but the reason I'm asking for people's input is that my hope is to refine this and then create a forum post offering to, (for free), build a clone of my Stammtisch section on a brand new Wordpress site for anyone who's looking to start a Stammtisch series in their city. 

    Pages for your perusal:

    Isadora Stammtisch NYC "Main" Page

    Isadora Stammtisch NYC "Sign Up" Form (The formatting options for forms on free Wordpress sites are garbage. I hate the lack of spacing, it's ugly, not aesthetically pleasing, but it's the best I can do with the tools that I have.)

    Page that I reference in multiple places on my site, which will keep updated to always link to the most recent Isadora NYC Stammtisch Isadora Forum Post.

    Advice, thoughts, and suggestions would be much appreciated, both on the pages and also on any concepts you think I might want to consider abandoning/adopting/or modifying in terms of how I'm dealing with organizing this event.

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)

    P.S. If you end up poking around the rest of my website, please don't judge me too hard; it's still under construction.