VPO remains high when I jump to empty scene.

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    I have 2 possibly related issues.
    I am trying to play audio for a project I am building.
    I have been testing playing WAV files, and MOV audio files.
    Currently I have a better time running WAV files for performance, but have better timing control with MOV files.

    With playing audio via quicktime (I have tried a number of the Movie players) I am getting much lower frame/cycles rates.
    If I jump to a blank scene, the VPO does not drop, and seems excessive for playing a audio file. SEE ATTACHMENT.

    I am using f24


  • I wonder if this could be a bug -- since there is nothing updating the VPO, it's stuck at it's last value. I'll check this.

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  • Tech Staff

    I just confirmed the same behavior in f25.