Multichannel Microphone input using Isadora - Windows

  • Hi there all,

    I'm currently in a bit of a situation. For a installation that is currently in development I need multichannel microphone input. On Mac this is possible, sadly I'm windows based.

    My question :

    Is there support for Multichannel microphone input on Windows in Isadora 2.6 ? And if that is the case, any chance that I can get my hands on a beta version ? (Time is limited..)


    - Juriaan

  • Tech Staff

    I can't try this right now, but you should be able to setup multiple audio inputs using Live Capture and Virtual Audio Cables.

    Have a look at:
    and for routing the outputs to use in Isadora

    Voice Meter Banana lets you mix 3x Stereo hardware inputs, with 2x virtual inputs (stereo also I believe) to 3 outputs (here you can define the virtual outs)

    2.6 doesn't offer any further options for inputs.


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