• I've been using two Macbook Pro's and running both Mac OS 10.6 and 10.8 with Izzy 1.3.of25. I added an AJA T-Tap and it all works well. So I thought I'd get a Mac mini to run this on and I've been having bad problems. First I used a mac mini server running 10.6. I installed Izzy 1.3..25 and launched the program and all seemed fine. Then downloaded AJA T-Tap drivers and Izzy crashes immediately upon launching. Thinking it was an AJA incompatibility I used the uninstall app and Izzy would never open again. The AJA drivers say 10.7 and up so I bought a new Mac mini with OS 10.8. and have the same problem. After the problem happens the only way I can make Izzy open again is to erase the HD and reinstall the Mac OS, then download Izzy again. This AJA T-Tap and Izzy have been working well on my Macbook Pro Laptop though.

    I'm currently reloading the Mac OS for the 4th time and will try not using the T-Tap. at all.
    I've run out of Ideas.

  • So I reloaded OS 10.8 and this time didn't download AJA drivers. Launched Izzy and crash. Rebooted computer and Izzy opened. I then registered izzy, quit the program and now it won't open again. This is the strangest thing.

  • So the problem turned out to be with Isadora's registration. If I delete the register-izzy file I can open the app. no problem. If I then register it, then quit the app and try to relaunch, it crashes immediately. Then the app will not open. Delete the file and all is good again.

  • Dear Craig,

    Can you please check the folder at /Users/Shared and ensure it is writable by whatever account you are logged in to? Normally this folder is writable by all, but please have a look.
    If you need help, look here: http://www.macinstruct.com/node/415
    Best Wishes,

  • Read / Write for everyone is the way it's set. I even tested adding this admin user as its own for read/write and it still crashes. I checked it against my laptop that I have a different registration and the laptop has three Izzy files in that shared folder vs. the mac mini only has one.

  • It's very strange -- it's unlikely the computer itself is the reason, and many people are running Isadora on 10.8.

    Let me P.M. you with a newer version to try.
    Best Wishes,
  • Izzy Guru

    I've been running two Mac Mini's all latest OS for a number of months. 

    But; is it anything to do with Gatekeeper?
    There is also a note in the PDF above about a " AJA Conflict Checker utility" that they advise you run?
    Sorry I cant be of much help just confirming that this is indeed a strange issue.

  • I've eliminated AJA out of the picture completely.Reloaded OS 10.8 and only installed Izzy. I registered to get the USB key right from the get go. The registration website says I have 20-30 days with this registration number until the USB key arrives. Could that have anything to do with this?

  • Izzy Guru

    I can't see it being the registration to be honest. Unless this is an extremely rare case.

    To me it sounds like an issue with the AJA drivers. have you ran the  AJA Conflict Checker utility mentioned above?

  • I know it's strange. However AJA isn't even installed at this point, only Izzy. The second I delete the reg file I'm able to launch the program. Mark would know the sequence on what happens when we click the Icon to launch the program. Someway it looks at this file at launching and then immediately crashes the izzy app so fast that I don't see the izzy graphic for loading.

    I'm currently just running it as an unregistered version.

  • Can you please send a crash report to me? Use the applet mentioned on this page to gather the reports: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/65/bug-reports-guidelines#Item_1

  • I received the USB key, registered Izzy and all is good now. It must have been a registration problem.