IzzyHue - Control your Philips Hue bulbs with Isadora

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    Hi there all !

    The last few days I worked on a way to control Philips Hue lights using Isadora for an upcoming performance. I got the base functionality working, and I thought let's share the code and perhaps you guys and girls can give me some advice / feedback on the actor :)

    How does it work ?

    1. Get some Philips Hue Color bulbs (I never tested it with strips / or White bulbs etc.. So let me know or it works !)
    2. Get the IP of your Hue Bridge (2.0, Apple Homekit version) and write it down
    3. Go to <ip>/debug/clip.html
    4. Follow the instructions at https://www.developers.meethue...
    5. Write down your username key, we need that !
    6. Open Isadora if you haven't already. In this file we find 4 actors. A Master that controls the communication of the Hue, a Brightness actor, a simple switch on/off actor and a Color actor.
    7. Fill in the IP and the username.
    8. Find out wich lights are active. What is the Unique ID ? (int) (<ip>/debug/clip.html. Command : /api/<username>/lights, GET)
    9. Try to turn the lights on/off. To send the information to the bridge trigger the input 'trigger' on one of the actors. 

    Got ya's

    • I'm still working on the feedback from the bridge. It is quite difficult to get a grasp on it .. Because of this I can't close the connection of the Client. This is causing some delay. Currently this is set to 3 seconds.
    • The plugin is currently broadcasting the data so that you don't have to connect them. This is something that I normally do. Don't want this behavoir ? Just turn the broadcasting input to off and you will never hear from it again ;)
    • The Color correction is not 100% yet. You will see a slight difference in the color in Izzy / the color that the bulb gives.

    Bugs / issues / feature request / etc let me know !

    Download here : https://github.com/JuriaanGreg...

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    @juriaan said:

    control Philips Hue lights using Isadora for an upcoming performance

     Great! Thanks for sharing. How will you use this in a performance is it to change color of domestic lights in a theatrical set or have you hacked a more technical solution? 

    best wishes


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    Hi there Bonemap,

    I'm currently working on a installation where we are translating music for deaf people to other senses. So think about vibration, light, smell, etc. But I can see this working for theatre sets as well ! Saturday we have our first playsession, will collect photo's / etc and create a new thread with more detail :)