OT: TH2Go on MBP now not working well

  • Hi Learned Folks

    Off topic, but couldn't think of anywhere else to ask. I have used my analog TH2Go / Isadora for several years now without problem. The laptop in question is a MBP (unibody, several years old) with DisplayPort and is University-owned and I don't have it backed up.
    As I'm to teach Isadora again, I checked the system out and discovered that, while the DP to VGA to monitor/projector works fine, when using my TH2Go, the image is very striated horizontally and blown out. I have tried new VGA cables, another TH2Go, different DP-> VGA adaptors, in short all I could think of with no change is distortion. I only thing I have changed recently was to upgrade the OS from 10.6.2 to 10.6.8\. My other older laptop runs 10.6.8 and the DVI-> VGA-> TH2Go works fine.  Totally flummoxed! 
    Any suggestions welcome!

  • Dear John,

    Well, one problem is that, if you have the VGA or DVI versions of the TH2Go, you cannot have the full 1024x768 resolution. You can get it work at 800x600 -- and maybe that's related to your problem -- but you need the Display Port edition of the TH2Go (and a bunch of mini-display port to full-sized display port adapters) to get the full resolution.
    That being said, I've run my MBP unibody with the display port to a VGA adapter into the TH2Go, and successfully gotten 800x600 on all three projectors.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks for replying Mark. I'm trying to use the 2400 x 600 setting and it is showing up as chosen in the monitor window of the secondary screen, just distorted. Will try another computer today and see if the video board or connector is faulty. As with you, this setup has worked great for years now.