• Hi

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to have layers work with multiple scenes activated?

    I have a background clip playing in an activated "background" scene, on layer 0. And in each of my scenes I have multiple layers of video with alpha set to transparency, on layers 1-9.

    At the moment the "background" scene does not respect my alpha layers and is visible as if my clips were set to additive. The layers within the scene I am in behave correctly.

    Thank you for any advice

  • Tech Staff


    to facilitate 'cinematic' crossfades in v2 a new layering mode was added (and used as default). It basically flattens the output of each scene for mixing purposes.

    You can switch back to the previous mixing method which allows the more complex mixing of layers between scenes.

    The setting is found: File/Layering/Ungrouped

  • @DusX 


    thanks for clarifying that :)