Sum input

  • Dear Community,

    I am looking for some sort of user input which can be used outside a macro or user actor, for only the purpose to not to have to treat multiple inputs when you have several actors using one same value e.g. a port or channel.

    THX :)

  • Broadcaster/Listener ?

  • can be in the same scene...  can be super basic...  right now I am using pass value, but therefore I can not use ranges (e.g. channel 1 - 10) which I must be able to use in some cases…

  • I keep reading this and asking myself, you do know about the "user input" for the user actor right? Just checking.

  • @fubbi said:

    the user actor right? J

     yes of course - I just need a sum input on the same level, not inside an actor or a macro :) thx

  • I agree with @dbini...Broadcaster and Listener is the way to go

  • Like others said before me. Use a Broadcaster and Listener. That is the way to do this kind of stuff.

  • Tech Staff

    I usually end up using some combination of Broadcaster/Listener, Set/Get Global Values, and a custom Control Panel.

    I was writing a response to this post, and it got out of hand and turned into its own post: https://community.troikatronix...

    Best wishes,

    Woland (Lucas Wilson-Spiro)


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