Implementing Apple DLS sound set on Izzy

  • does it exist or is there a way to put the Apple DLS sound set on Izzy?

  • Use SimpleSynth --

    Send MIDI to SimpleSynth's virtual input to play the notes or select banks, etc.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark, thanks but I've being using SimpleSinth for months now. The problem is that although is a great little software, unfortunately it doesn't let you save instrument configurations, it's a non-standard midi with 1 number off-set (, but the main problem is I couldn't find the way to change the bank select on it from Isadora so that I could have different banks from the "Send Note" actor. Any ideas how to overcome this?

  • @mark, I discovered that is possible to achieve what I wanted with SimpleSinth trough "Send Bank Select" actor, EXPECT that it works on Mac 10.8.2 (with Isadora demo f24) but not on my system with 10.6.8
    At the moment I would not like to update my OS, any way to overcome this?


  • could please anybody with 10.6.8 try the "Send Bank Select" actor and let me know if it works with SimpleSynth or other software? Thanks


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