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    Hi there,

    I work a lot with the Javascript actor in Isadora and the one thing that annoys me is that there is no way to 'reload' a Javascript actor.

    Current behavoir :

    - You need to edit the Javascript code and save the file

    - Variables get cleaned

    Desired behavoir :

    Current behavoir AND

    - (Hidden) input at a javascript actor that allows us to reload the file so that the variables get cleaned :)

  • Tech Staff


    An easy trick I use is to grab a 'user actor on/off' from inside a user actor and add paste it to the main patch.

    This allows you to manually switch off and back on the 'actor' which in this case is the entire scene, causing it to reload whIle visible starting with the init process and then enter scene.

    In the case of the JS actor it will reload and run the include() functions again. This very handy when working with external files.

    But also a greatly useful debugging tool for other patching tasks.

  • Tech Staff

    Great tip @DusX. Thanks !