Movie player issue

  • Hi, guys!

    I've notice two issues with my movie player recently:

    - Palindrome works like a regular loop.

    - Speed values has no effect, except '0'. In other words, it plays in normal speed even setting values like 0.5 or -1.

    What could be wrong?

    I'm using Isadora 2.5.2 on Windows 10.


  • Hi there @danielcorbani,

    Could you tell us what kind of movie codec you use ? That way we can assist you further :) I'm also on Windows 10 (USB key edition) and the basic '' found in the Isadora examples can be played without problem.

    - Juriaan

  • Hi!

    All my videos are being converted to WMV using Any Video Converter.

    I just tried and it worked well.

    I thought WMV would be the best for Windows. Should I use AVI?


  • Beta Gold


    I can confirm that this is happening to me too with .wmv files.
    Clearly a bug: I'll report it.


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