How do I extract text from TERMINAL and input into isadora?

  • I'm using traktor, which I can setup to broadcast a stream and its metadata (arist, title), which I want to display as text in isadora.

    I have this app: which is a terminal app that sees this metadata and gives me something like this:

    [04-02-2013 23:19:31] Received metadata from ",50216"...

    • ARTIST => "Alvin Risk"
    • TITLE  => "Pray feat. Jason Aalon Butler"

    Is there a way I can extract this info and get it into izzy as text? ( Alvin Risk - Pray feat Jason Aalon Butler) I'm familiar with using quartz (a bit) and have core.

    Can quartz monitor the metadata directly from traktor perhaps?

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    You can save a text file from terminal to your computer;

    For example: I run this code every time a computer starts up at work (it then syncs it via dropbox)
    last> ~/Dropbox/Public/reports/myrebootcycle.txt
    "LAST" is like a small system report but the " > " and the " ~ " make the report save to a location as .txt file.
    [some more info here: [](
    Maybe then you can import the text file (or refresh it) for each track?
    Hope this gets you started.
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    Oh and as for importing the text file....

  • looks like that program is just monitoring a port on your machine - the isadora ip actors may be able to read it directly

  • Doesn't the data array only read numbers?

    I'm a sh*t coder, nick, but I've been messing with the TCP IN watcher... I've got it watching the same port that traktor is broadcasting on, but have no idea if I'm getting anything.

  • There's another program that automatically copies the track name to the clipboard... is there a way to monitor the clipboard and paste automatically?

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    I was sure the data array did text too?

    I need to check... very sorry if I am wrong. 
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    Just searched the old forum;;search_string=text;guest=21859754&t=search_engine#1068
    Might help?

  • Thanks, Skulpture! I've managed to write my first Applescript that takes the clipboard text (from an app that automatically copies the name of the artist-tracktitle into the clipboard) and gets it into isadora as text and I can trigger the script with osculator, hopefully.

    I'll continue looking for a more efficient way. It would be nice if the clipboard could be monitored so the script would run on every change.