1 midi controller to send signal to both isadora and kontakt

  • Hello guys, i would like to be able to play a piano on kontakt (a program where you play virtual instruments throug midi input) and get the note watcher on isadora to work and show the velocity and pitch used.

    I have tryed using LoopBe1 (a virtual midi driver to share the midi signal on 2 programs), i give my midi controller input to kontakt and select LoopBe1 as output, then i go to isadora midi setup and chose LoopBe1 as input; but it doesn't work :(

    I'm not an expert about this kind of stuff, i would really apprecciate a tips or two by someone who know how to do this :)

    Sorry for my bad english, and ty to everyone who read!

  • @genjo

    Normally, you can receive a midi signal (note or controller) in multiple application (at least in MacOs), in my machine I can receive the same controller from my Korg nanoKontrol in Logic and Isadora, without using any other app.