• Dear community,

    for our next production we want to front-project on something like this,

    frameless windows, hung a meter in front of the backdrop BUT when not in use, these should blend to the backdrop, becoming as invisible as possible, therefore should be black. We did a test a week ago, the competitors were this screen and three pieces of plywood, one painted with normal black wall paint, one with blackboard paint (both at hand) and one with a special projection color (expensive, 80€/l). The special projection color was the brightest, but not at all black, even a lighter grey than the screen, so useless and money down the drain. The screen was disappointing (but to excuse and quote Gerriets, they say 'screen with limited front projection capabilities' - indeed), the normal color was the expected looser, but the blackboard paint turned out to be the winner. Giving just a very little less brightness than the screen, the black was much better, so the overall contrast was the best. Before more fishing in/for the black, I would like to ask if there are any experiences/ideas from the community, to lead to more materials we can test. We will use this lense (btw a gorgeous one), so it is more a top/front projection.

    All the best