How to create landscapes with topography in realtime

  • Hi

    I am looking for a possibility to create landscapes with topography in Isadora or to connect Isadora to a specialized software solution.

    So basicly I have a matrix with 8x8 fileds and dots on each field. Those should be the anchor to elevate the landscape points.

    Something like this https://generativelandscapes.w...

    It is done with grashopper

    This actually would be the best one



  • @inst 

    If you search for interactive real time moving terrain, you can find it in Unity 3D with the possibility to enter parameters through OSC and export images via Syphon/Spout

    You can also try TouchDesigner, more open but you have to reinvent the wheel… To my knowing there is no way to interact between Isadora and Rhino/Grasshopper and no more with word-creator.

    I had made some interesting test with Unity.


  • Deare Jaques,

    thanks for your feedback.

    So with Unity + Spout I could manipulate via OSC the parameters of the terrain in realtime and will have the actual landscape in Isadora?

    I never worked with unity, but I will give it a try.



  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @inst,

    Grasshopper works on Rhino 4.0 (Soon Rhino 5.0) that is based on C# programming in a enviroment. Isadora is capable of sending OSC (OpenSoundControl) commands to other programs. 

    OpenSoundControl packets are nothing more then UDP packets with special formatting for the adresses / values. Since Grasshopper can speak OSC (Example '') we can actually tell Grasshopper what to do live from Isadora.

    The image has to be captured with something like Spout to get it back to Izzy again, but that is workable :)

  • @juriaan


    thanks for showing this way. - I will try Grashopper too.