• W10 fall creators update has introduced a game mode that, far as I can tell, allow a program to use more resurces as normal. Can this be usefull for Isadora and, more, there is any plan to add this feature?

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    I have been testing this feature and it appears to work as expected with Isadora. 

    It is difficult to determine if there are any gains however (most would be cpu usage as I understand it).

    So I recommend testing the use of this feature on a project by project basis.

  • ok thanks, i'll do some tests

  • here a quick report about Game mode

    steps to recreate the test.

    • start isadora
    • allow game mode by pressing win+g - then the game bar appears. Into game bar press gear icon and in apearing menu flag game mode (the first option)
    • restart isadora (not sure of thiis step...)
    • run a patch

    I used a very old patch (first iteration was done with izzy 1.34 ) that is totally a mess and very CPU intensive: no gpu actors, no optimization...so quite a nightmare 

    eneabling and diseabling game mode produced no noticeable results..on my laptop fps stay on a terrible 6-5 fps in booth mode.

    if some one else want to do the same test here is the patch...just replace the audio files into bin

    Audio Player 3d.izz

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    I'm not surprised. Much of what I have read about game mode on gaming forums seems to point to very small gains... and sometimes performance losses. 

    Its an interesting option. I will keep testing it.

    Ps: my understanding is that restarting Isadora is not a necessary step.

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    Interesting. Mine was on my default and I never knew... I need to look into this, its sounds like its geared more around broadcasting, ie: Twitch, etc.