how to get audio stream into Isadora

  • Short story: how to put an internet audio stream into Isadora and use it for sound analysis

    Long story: I have a dear friend living in Berlin that (what a news...!) produces electronic music. Sometimes he does a jam in his studio. It would be nice if I can add some visual to the music and then stream music and video 

    I know how to stream Isadora's stages (OBS) but I don't know how to import an audio stream incoming from Berlin (shoutcast or whatever we want) and use this stream like a microphone in isadora to sync audio and visuals.

    OK I know, Berlin is beautiful and flight are cheap  ;-) and probably this way can be faster and more affordable than internet  XD 

  • Tech Staff

    Pffff.. Tough one. Personally I think that using something like Virtual Audio lines would be the way to go. The input of the Virtual Audio line should be the receiver of the stream (Don't know a program on top of my head.. Yeah Abelton..)

  • of course, but virtual audio cable are bit tricky on windows. Anytime i've try to use with em i messed a lot with few results....right now i'm thinking to use a secondary pc and connect em through a good old audio cable...but is not geek enough!  ;-)

  • i'd recommend having a look at the Soundjack server ( for getting good quality audio quickly from Berlin, but i'm afraid I can't suggest ways of getting it into Isadora.