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    I have a production company based in Las Vegas NV.  We have been approached by a client to produce an event here in Las Vegas in June. We have a plan to build a large Crosswalk display, on it will be the a representation of the crosswalk character in red/white LED form.  That form needs to be controlled in real time by a camera/sensor that the public interacts with.  Basically the step up on a platform do a fun dance or wave and the LED character responds accordingly.  This has been previously done, here is a link to a sample.


    1.  I'm I in the right spot?  My research led me to Isadora and my experience tells me that this software could be the right platform to pull this off.

    2. Is there anyone interested in developing the application for hire?  What budget range should I be prepared for considering we have a full team for support?

    Thank you for your consideration


  • @runningbull Although Isadora an perform some of these functions, I would suggest another solution. Looking at the conditions, you could use a simple camera for background subtraction, but you would get much better results using a kinect (as in this project), which Isadora does not natively support. There are ways to use these devices in Isadora, but having a dedicated software to do the job will make your life easier. Some other parts of the system, like the interface, may also be done in an OK way in Isadora, but I would suggest a more comprehensive platform, getting dedicated software. Budgets will depend on skill and experience, as will time, it would be better to hire someone who has used all the components already, and will be able to work fast, and leave you with a product that already predicts any issues that might arise.

    Contact me via email or PM on this forum, I can help with this project if timing and budget are good.


  • Tech Staff

    although the Kinect isn't supported natively by Isadora, interfacing it is easy.

    I have written a small utility software for this purpose. ( https://github.com/rwebber/kin... )

    LED mapping is also integrated into Isadora via Art-net.

    So I would argue that building this project could be done very quickly using Isadora.  ☺