Manage IP cameras in Isadora

  • As part of a theater project we intend to use 3 or 4 IP cameras arranged at different locations in the stage space and recover the flow of each of them. We do not want to broadcast the content of all cameras but rather one by one. Is it feasible (and how can one manage to do it) to input the video fluxes from these kind of high throughput cameras into Isadora actors ?We did some research on the forum but we did not find an answer corresponding to our request. We work with a MacPro. Does somebody have an idea?

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    Isadora can receive Syphon streams. We can capture a Window at Mac / Windows and send that using Syphon (Spout on Windows) to Izzy. For switching between cams we can send packets over the Network (Some camera's have a API that we can reach if we have the correct Auth..). Could you provide us with the type and manufacturer of the camera ?

  • Thank you so much for your answer! We have been provided with Opitrack cameras which are used as part of an other project with photon. According to what you mentioned in your reply, what we have to do, is find a way to stream these cameras videos through syphon for Isadora to use them?

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    A simple solution might be to use ManyCam.

    It offers support of multiple camera inputs that can be switched.
    The switched feed is shared via a Virtual Webcam, and is easily picked up within Isadora.

    The free version allows only 2 feeds for switching (with watermark, but good to test), but a $24 purchase gives you 4 video inputs without watermark ( upto 24 if you go for the enterprise version).
    note: H.264 IP Camera support comes with the $69 version

    It might be possible to do similar with OBS also:

  • Thank you VERY MUCH for your answers. We will try to follow the different solutions proposed. We keep you informed!